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EZ-Read Gauge has large easy to read numbers that can be seen from a safe distance and in almost any position, unlike other gauges of it’s type that can only be read if you're in just the right place. EZ- Read Gauge bolts to your tank so cattle and wind cannot knock it off. EZ-Read’s solid steel construction comes with a one year parts and labor warranty. The warranty covers any and all problems that may occur during the first year of service. The durable construction of all our safety gauges will last for years. So whether you’re looking for economy or safety we can help. EZ-Read Gauges are time savers as well as the safest way to gauge your tanks, Whether it’s h2s or bad weather, unnecessary risks are eliminated. EZ-Read Gauges can be setup with on and off switches for pumps and alarms at a very affordable price. For additional information or to setup an appointment please visit our contact page, be sure to include a name, phone number, and e-mail address.

Since 2008,

As of 4-1-11 TRI R SERVICES INC. has extended the warranty on the outer Gauge to a limited lifetime warranty. All Gauges must be serviced yearly by an authorized TRI R dealer